My Favorite Meal of The Day

Sunday, December 20, 2009

There is nothing like having a favorite breakfast literally prepared in a minutes!
Breakfast of champions, and fit for a queen, what a privilege, I get to enjoy all that natural goodness, I never get tired having it, and the best part I don’t have to do the shopping, Hubby does.
It start with a 1/3 cup organic granola mixes from Fairway Market here, in new NYC , it’s mixed with dry fruit, nuts, grounded flax seeds, and agave syrup, i add about ½ cup Soy Milk , or Skim Milk Plus ( doesn’t feel watery), i than scoop about 3 giant spoonful of my favorite Vanilla Soy Yogurt and the top it with any berries I have , blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries , picked usually from The West Side Market ,half a banana, and sometimes, a few toasted unsalted almonds, finish with a dusting of Saigon Cinnamon , and if I have a sweet tooth that morning, I will drizzle a little all natural organic maple syrup.
It seems so much but its not, and beside I need the energy for my morning workout at the GYM.
Just wanted to share this with you!


Iva said...

that look so yummy! I always eat yogurt!

Michael St. James said...

Definitely looks delicious and energizing! Lovely blog. Happy Holidays!