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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Last weekend my husband and i tried to get tickets for the third time to Avatar in 3D in at the IMAX theater here in NYC and again all tickets were sold out, as we were leaving the theater, a lady stopped me and offered me a FREE invitation for two to a an upcoming movie preview during the week some times, of course i said and took it.

In the car I had the chance to read it , it’s called Barney's Version staring Paul Giamatti
and Dustin Hoffman, I was happy already!

After the movie I found out that Barney's Version came out as a book first!

The line to the FREE movie was very long, they all must have received their invitation that same weekend as well, it was worth the entire wait.

We were the first to see that movie that “wasn’t finished” according to the opening introductory, we didn’t know what to expect!

The minute the movie started we were glued to the screen this movie is brings it all:
Intelligence Comedy and Drama, it’s very entertaining, it really exceed our expectation, this is a must see movie.

Two an half hours went by like a flash, at the end we had to answer a 2 page questioner regarding the actors, and the movie itself.
We came out raving that this is one of the very few good movies that are out there, although its not in the movies yet)

I am sure some of you have heard of the book which was written by Mordecai Richler but I didn’t so I took a look in AMAZON and this one of the many Fantastic reviews were written:
This is what Teresa Bloomingdale wrote:

I have been reviewing books for 25 years and I must admit that I can count on both hands the number of books I would recommend as "must reads."

But "Barney's Version", by MORDECAI RICHLER, is definitely one of them. As a reader the same age as Barney, I laughed and cried over this wonderful character, and will love him till the day I die.

Barney is a 68 year old Jewish gentleman who has been married three times, widowed once, divorced twice, though still in love with "Miriam, my heart's desire." He had a gay (in the old meaning) youth gallivanting around Europe, and then settled in America where he somehow gets charged with and tried for murder. I am a mystery buff; these chapters alone rate those five stars.

This novel is Barney's version of the dastardly deeds he has committed throughout his lifetime, and he will keep you laughing and crying and loving through the pages and through the years.

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Lilly said...

My husband and I also saw Barney's Version - we just loved it - they said the music was temporary and they're editing a bit more. We can't wait to see the finished film. It made us laugh and made us cry. Really enjoyable and we're definitely telling all our friends to see it. Looking forward.