Green Thumb - 2

Thursday, June 24, 2010
Yesterday afternoon i came down to the veggie garden to weed and take new pics, I met with a few other members that came in for the same reason, one of the girls I know was planting sprouted lettuce seeds that she grew in her apartment in just a few days, how cool is that! We engaged in a brief but interesting conversation and one of the topics was unfruitful Zucchini plants, we did noticed that only a few of the flowers grew fruit/veggie, her mother is an avid and experienced gardener, she explained to her that if the plants were not pollinated they will not grow fruit, what a bummer, all that space it took in the box, the time and nurture and no fruit? I am still not sure about this; I haven’t had the time to investigate the subject yet, help….. Me….

Meantime I can see the Green Cabbage growing so beautifully, I literally baby sit them, every day I follow their perfectly round formation of their leaves, so tender, and bright , they do commend space, I was very tempted to taste a little, but knew that patience is greatly appreciated here. Ahem… ahem..

I can see the broccoli plants are getting taller and taller what a difference 2 weeks make, you can see the fruit , I can also see that someone or it likes them too, are those birds, or maybe squirrely here, I see him munching on a fruit, he is a brave one too.

The radishes looks healthy, I forgot to take pics , they are in another small box, soon they will be ready to make a tasty addition to the salad.

Sweet basil is untouched, Mr. squirrely doesn’t like herbs? I snip a few leaves for the salad and put in my little basket.

Green peppers where are you??? They are slow to grow; I am hoping soon, the Collard greens still need some maturing up to do before they will be picked.

So for now I will rely on Fairway market here in NYC for most of our produce!
Till next time!

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