Green Thumb - 3

Saturday, July 03, 2010

A couple days ago i visited my organic veggie garden again, I brought the camera with me to take new pics of maturing vegetables, as I was getting closer to the ground to find a good spot there was a perfect medium size cucumber lying there begging me to be picked, so took a photo of it and pulled it out from the soft ground, it smelled wonderful.

The collard green s are ready, the cabbage and broccoli have some more growing up to do, I am still waiting on the eggplant to show me some purple pulp, it’s a little slower to grow.

There is a black berry tree leaning on the garden fence , bearing beautiful fruit, my eye caught one ripe and ready to enjoy, so i picked it, put it my mouth, it was tart, i just couldn’t resist… maybe it needs more time?

All in all i can’t be complain, the pampered garden is producing a healthy veggies and herbs YAY!


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