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Sunday, April 10, 2011

It was such a wonderful spring day to spend some time out in the NYC! 
My husband suggested to go out for a casual lunch at one of our favorite “FAST FOOD” eatery, I was thrilled just of the idea to get out of the apartment which doesn’t happen much lately, spending most of my days and evening in my studio working, we drove off to the west side, looking for parking for 25 minutes we finally found a spot, walked a couple of blocks, we were hungry and ready for a brunch if you will. 

The name of the place is MAOZ VEGETARIAN a Falafel place, on 70th and Broadway (there are a few locations here in the city), now I am not a big fan of fried food but if you have MAOZ falafel you will understand why we love it, for all vegan/vegetarians this one perfect meal, i am vegetarian, my husband is not and he loves it. http://www.maozusa.com/ I sat down, Hubby stood on line to order and assemble the topping for both of us, he ordered mine on a whole wheat pita for and regular for him, this is what he brought back. The falafel balls were very crispy, green and very flavorful, it was topped with very lightly fried broccoli and cauliflower, Israeli salad red cabbage salad, beets salad and Tahini sauce to finish it off. All made to perfection, (there are so many salads to choose from and stuff up your pita with), it was so full i had to eat it with a fork, it was very tasty and filling.

 From there, my husband suggested to go to EATALY for a cup of coffee, so off we went to 23th st and Fifth Avenue, again we had to look for parking for a while but found one very close to the place. http://eatalyny.com/ I am sure you have heard of the chef Mario Batali, well apparently he partnered up and opened this super large eatery, well it was opened a few months back and was our first time there. If you decide to go there you need to take make some time to see the place, it HUGE! 

 As we opened the door to the left of the place, there was a coffee bar, my husband walked strait to it, i ordered :( just can’t remember the name but is was an espresso with chocolate and steamed milk, i meantime wondered around the place and found myself in a very interesting s sections , of cheese, pasta, chocolate, a couple of bars, salumi and cheese bars , all imported from Italy, there are standing eating bars that you can order some bread with cheeses and meats with a glass of wine,  i had to take pics to show you. There were so many people there we estimated 500 people there yes that's how many. 

The place is huge, i ran back to my husband thinking he must have been looking for me, he had just received our coffees, we found a nearby coffee table and set down, my husband was impressed with foam design in his cappuccino, my cup was tiny, just enough for 2 sips but was so delicious. I took another quick tour of the place this time with my husband and decided to return back home. 


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