{Valentine's Day Gift From Ayelet Naturals}

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hi Everyone!
I had bought a block of unrefined beeswax a while back and never used it i guess i was waiting for right time, well guess what? This is the Perfect time, Valentines Day is around the corner, i was thinking - what would be be the perfect gift from me to you my customers, something you can enjoy with your love ones, well, i decided to make a massage bar, made from Organic ingredients like Cocoa  and Shea butter, Almond and Apricot oil, vitamin E  in a delicate scent which many of you have grown to love -It's irresistible! i noticed that the scent is sweeter with the beeswax.

These bars are super moisturizing, luxurious and protective especially for this time of year, i attached a label with instruction how to use, i did forget to mention that you will need to store your bar in a cool and dry location between uses, i also realized after i printed the labels that i made a couple of typos, (i really need  glasses).
Each bar weighs around 2 oz or more, obviously if you are a vegan this is not for you but maybe you can give it to someone as a gift. 
This bar will will be added as a gift to you with an order of $50 or more.
Supply is limited!

If you like to purchase just the massage bar sent me a convo or email me to 

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