{Can Your Favorite Skincare Products Stop Working}

Saturday, July 14, 2012

I was asked this question numerous times by people who were happily using a particular acne skincare line for the longest time, but suddenly it stopped working for them. If they should try using a new company. So here are a few points to look at that may help you understand how your body reflects on your skin.

 1. Skin changes over time
 You skin isn’t always the same, fluctuating hormone levels can cause change, for example. So a skin care product that behaves on your skin may feel different at different times of the month. Certain medications may cause similar changes.

2. External Conditions Change
Of course the weather could be changing the way the product feels on your skin in the spring or summer they may feel like it stops working in the winter is colder and dryer. 
3. There is a Connection Between the Immune System and Acne
The immune system of the body is in charge of fighting and destroying the diseases that develop inside. It is also responsible for healing the body, when afflicted by a sickness. As acne is a skin disease, the immune system is also responsible for the treatment of acne. If your immune system doesn’t function properly then you would become more vulnerable to diseases and disorders including acne. zinc can help in curing acne. But, how does it help in doing so? Studies have revealed that zinc helps in boosting the immune system of the body. It is also responsible for the proper functioning of the white blood cells. Lack of zinc in the body, reduces the production of thymic hormones, and any change in the hormones result in acne breakouts. Thus, taking zinc supplements is one of the most effective acne treatment systems. 

 4. Your Imagination Changes How You Perceive the Product
Just like the perception that your skin gets used to your cream, you might think your skin has gotten used to a product. Maybe subconsciously you’re sick of the fragrance. Or maybe you just want to buy something new and it’s easier to convince yourself that’s the case if the product doesn’t work anymore. Whatever the psychological mechanism, you have to consider the possibility that your own perceptual biases may be responsible. The bottom line! While not impossible, it seems unlikely that your skin care product really stop working.

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