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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Through the years received and till receiving many question regarding skincare and skin type, that sometimes it can be very confusing, well it shouldn't be, i did write an article about it a while back, First you need to identify your skin type. read how to here: 

Today i  am going to write about  my current facial products that i use, i have normal to dry skin, maturing, and sensitive, but sometimes slightly oily in the T -Zone area, depending on the season, if its summer time,i may use Blissful Balance or Lavender Foaming Cleanser, or Activated Charcoal Soap which i LOVE, it dries out my chin area gently, and any bumps dry out very quickly, i do rotate from blissful balance cleanser to Lavender, my favorite cleanser in the winter and spring time is Opulence Cleansing Oil and makeup remover, it has such a luxurious feel, and its super gentle, i highly recommend it, some of our customers use it all year round. I than use a scrub to exfoliate a couple time a week, i switch from detoxifying facial scrub to pomegranate

I actually use Tea Tree Scrub in the summer time for the T -Zone area. I do the same with the toners, i switch from Lavender to Blissful Balance depending on the season. A vital step is The a facial serum which i use is Radiance in order to keep the skin radiant, youthful,and firm.

I personally use a mask once weekly, if you have dry skin. And finally applying facial creams, i use the brightening or hydrating depending if i am going to be outdoors or indoors, the same with under eye creams, and i never miss Good Night Facial Cream its an awesome cream, i get up in the morning with glowing skin,read about it here:

 If you have any question feel free to ask here or in our facebook page.
xoxo Ayelet

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