{National Skin Care Awareness Month}

Friday, September 12, 2014

September is National Skin Care Awareness Month, which means the month is celebrated to bring awareness to the importance of skin care. There is no better time to evaluate your skin care routine. Are you caring for your skin as well as you could be?

It’s also a great time to treat your skin. Get to the spa! Now is the time! Are there skin care products you can’t wait to try? Pick up a few of them and see what they accomplish for you!

Since we’re leaving summer behind this is also a great time to remind you that you should continue to pay attention to your sunscreen regime. UV rays don’t actually get any weaker as temperatures grow cooler, though it’s easy to see why this myth continues to persist. It just doesn’t feel hot!
Keep up with your moisturizer, too. As temperatures drop, skin will have a tendency to become drier, and that can quickly become a nightmare for maintaining healthy skin.

This is also a good month to get into the habit of washing off any make-up you may be wearing every single night before you go to bed. If this isn’t a habit of yours then use the month to build the habit. It will be second nature by the time October rolls around.

A good skin care regimen really doesn’t have to take more than 5 minutes every morning and night. Wash, rinse, tone, moisturize, dry, and add sunscreen. Grab your water bottle and you’re out the door if make-up isn’t a part of your routine.

Yes, your water bottle! Water is absolutely vital to skin care, so you should also think about using September to help you get those 8 glasses a day inside of your body. It’s a lot easier when you keep a water bottle right by your side.

When you care for your skin, you feel better and more energized overall. Give it a try, and enjoy your September!

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