{ Facial Masks Line: Mixing a Rainbow oF Products}

Friday, June 19, 2015

Etsy has given Ayelet Naturals the opportunity to participate in a new and exciting crowd-funding tool to bring our customers new products and helping the stores to grow their business.

Please stop by our campaign to learn all about it! Etsy Fund Campaign , New Facial  Masks Line

Our campaign runs for 30 days, which means we need to fulfill our funding goal in that time frame. We need you backers and supporters to get the fund rolling.

International Customers! Please Note! 
I apologize  that this campaign is not open to our  wonderful international customers  Etsy Fund at this time, doesn't support international ordering and shipping,  If you would like to participate in Fund, but you can ask a US friend or a family member to donate/order on your behalf, and ship it to you.

How can you help?
Please help by spreading the word.  Getting enough backers and support is crucial to our Fund Campaign. Blog, Tweet, post pin, instagram, and email your friends,  The more backers Ayelet Naturals have the higher the possibility for us of  meeting our funding goal  and create the new Facial Mask line

Free Shipping! 
Please note that all the options we have on Ayelet Naturals Fund Campaign include  shipping.

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